What are the symptoms of an alternator problem?

What are the symptoms of an alternator problem?

For your battery to stay sufficiently charged up, you need a healthy alternator. A faulty alternator can cause the battery's power reserve to become drained to the extent that you end up stalled out and in a challenging situation. Here are seven signs of alternator trouble.

Dead Battery

When you put a new battery in your vehicle, it should work dependably for three to five years. If it dies sooner for no obvious reason (like you left your headlights on), then you could be dealing with a faulty alternator.

Issues with Electrical Accessories

The computers in newer vehicles are often programmed to calculate which electrical accessories should first have their power reduced when an alternator is malfunctioning. This preserves more power for your vehicle's most critical electrical function. If your power windows or seats aren't working like usual, this could be why.

Dash Light Turns On

It's always important to try to figure out why a dashboard warning light is illuminating. Alternator trouble could be brewing if the letters ALT or GEN turn on. In some cars, this light is instead in the shape of a battery.

Belt Issue

You may have spotted the cause of your alternator trouble if you see that a belt is too loose, too tight, or has become cracked.

Problems with Headlights

A malfunctioning alternator may cause headlights to dim or flicker. This creates a significant safety issue, especially if you have to drive at night on roads that aren't illuminated by streetlights.

Burning Smell

Over the course of their lifespan, alternator drive belts deal with very high levels of stress. When they finally start to wear out, they sometimes produce a burning odor.

Stalling Out

If your alternator is malfunctioning, then your spark plugs may not receive enough power. As a result, your car could stall out.

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Posted: February 1, 2021

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