What are common causes of serious engine trouble?

What are common causes of serious engine trouble?

What are common causes of serious engine trouble?To minimize the risk of major engine problems, it's very important to keep up with engine maintenance tasks as indicated in your owner's manual. However, even if you keep up with maintenance, your engine may still develop serious trouble. At the first indication of engine trouble, you'll want to visit an experienced mechanic. At Bay Brothers Automotive, our local mechanics are experts at identifying and fixing engine problems. Here's a look at some of the common causes of engine failure.

Broken Timing Belt

Usually, timing belts are supposed to be replaced at some point between 60,000 and 105,000 miles, and it's worth consulting your owner's manual to see your vehicle's exact needs. If you delay timing belt replacement, then you run the risk of the belt breaking, which can cause parts to operate out of sync and start smashing into each other in a way that causes major damage.

Inadequate Lubrication

If you're not driving with the proper level of clean oil, then major engine trouble could result. To keep your engine healthy, it's very important that you stay up to date with oil changes. By always following your oil change schedule, proper lubrication will prevent metal-on-metal contact that could cause serious damage to your engine's moving parts. Conventional oil usually needs to be changed somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 miles while synthetic oil doesn't need to be changed as often and provides superior protection.


Also called spark knock, detonation can cause engine failure when there's too much heat and pressure in the combustion chamber. With detonation, air and fuel may not ignite on time, which can result in head gasket issues.


Overheating can lead to major engine problems, including a cracked block. For this reason, it's very important that your cooling system remains in great shape. Leaks in the cooling system are often to blame for overheating.

Engine Repair in Tampa, FL

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Posted: November 2021

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