Warning Signs of Cooling System Failure We Can Fix at Our Tampa Auto Shop

Warning Signs of Cooling System Failure We Can Fix at Our Tampa Auto Shop

Warning Signs of Cooling System Failure We Can Fix at Our Tampa Auto ShopIf your engine overheats, then serious damage could result, such as a cracked block. So you'll want to be sure that all parts of your car's cooling system remain in strong working order. Automotive cooling system components include thermostats, water pumps, radiators, cooling fans, and hoses. If you suspect an issue with any of these parts, then you'll want to quickly bring it to the mechanic's attention. At Bay Brothers Automotive, our local mechanics are experts at cooling system repair in the greater Tampa, FL area.

Common Symptoms of Cooling System Trouble

Leaks in the cooling system are often to blame for overheating, so it's good to have an awareness of signs that coolant is leaking. An illuminated coolant warning light is one potential sign of such a leak. You might also have a leak if you check your coolant and see that its level has gotten really low. With an external coolant leak, there's a good chance you'll see bright fluid on the pavement where your vehicle has been parked. While this fluid is often green, yours might be a different color such as orange or pink. If you have an internal coolant leak, then a lot of white smoke may emerge from your exhaust, which could mean that you have a blown head gasket. When coolant is leaking, the drop in fluid pressure can reduce the coolant's boiling point. Consequently, it's more likely that you'll see steam emerging up from beneath your hood.

There's also cause for concern with your cooling system if your temperature gauge has soared into the red. In such a situation, you'll want to pull into a parking lot when you safely can. At that point, you can give the shop a call and describe any symptoms. Then you can get a professional opinion on whether your car seems safely operable, or if it'll be better to not risk major engine damage and instead make a call for a tow truck.

Cooling System Repair in Tampa, FL

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Posted: July 2022

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