7 Common Signs of Engine Trouble

7 Common Signs of Engine Trouble

When you first notice a symptom of engine trouble, you'll want to be proactive about addressing the problem. By taking action quickly, you can hopefully prevent the issue from worsening to the point that catastrophic engine failure occurs. Here are seven warning signs of engine trouble.

Power Loss

If you drive an older car with high mileage, you don't necessarily need to worry if it's gradually lost a bit of power over time. But if your engine abruptly loses a lot of power, then you could be dealing with a serious problem, such as worn-out pistons.

Check Engine Light Turns On

An illuminated check engine light isn't necessarily an indication that your engine is about to fail. However, it's still best to promptly visit the shop for computerized diagnostics so the problem can be identified and remedied.

Knocking Noise

With a dangerously low oil level, poor lubrication can cause a knocking sound to emerge from your engine. It's also possible that you'll hear a knocking noise if the air-fuel mixture ignites on its own rather than by way of spark plugs, which could result in significant problems.


When oil gets extremely low, metal-on-metal contact can cause vibrations to come from the engine.

Discolored/Excessive Exhaust Smoke

The exhaust smoke's color can give you a hint about what the underlying problem is. White smoke is a sign that coolant is leaking internally. Black smoke suggests that too much fuel is being burned up. If the smoke has a blue color, then you could be dealing with an oil leak.


Overheating can lead to major trouble, such as a cracked engine block. By ensuring that your cooling system remains in excellent shape, you can prevent such problems from occurring.

Engine Stalls while Idling

With this symptom, there's reason to suspect a fuel delivery issue. With fuel delivery problems, your safety can actually be seriously compromised due to stalling out in traffic. Such issues should always be fixed as soon as possible.

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Posted: April 2, 2021

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