A Brief Overview of the Main Automotive Systems

A Brief Overview of the Main Automotive Systems

Your car has a number of different systems that work together to keep you chugging safely down the road. When you first notice a symptom of trouble with any of your vehicle's systems, you'll want to get to the shop so the mechanic can take a look. At Bay Brothers Automotive, our local mechanics can expertly repair any mechanical component in the vehicle that is malfunctioning. Come and see us when you need auto repair in Tampa.


Your engine creates the power needed to keep your vehicle running reliably. Automotive engines contain numerous parts that work in unison. Among the important engine parts are the cylinders, valves, crankshaft, and camshaft. Power generated by the engine is transferred to wheels by way of the transmission and driveline.

Braking System

To stay as safe as possible on the road, it's crucial that your brakes work flawlessly. Important braking system components include your brake master cylinder, brake booster, wheel cylinders, brake lines, rotors, and brake pads.

Cooling System

A healthy cooling system helps to ensure that your car doesn't overheat and suffer major engine problems. Main parts of the cooling system include the radiator, water pump, thermostat, cooling fan, and hoses. Oftentimes, overheating occurs due to leaks in the cooling system.

Auto Electrical System

Your vehicle's electrical system is quite extensive. It plays an important role in tasks as diverse as starting your engine and keeping your favorite tunes blaring on your stereo. While your engine is running, the alternator creates electricity. The battery stores power generated by the alternator.

Fuel System

To keep your car cruising along without hiccups, it's important that gas is properly moving from the tank to the engine. For gas to successfully transit, you need a healthy fuel pump and clean fuel filter. Also, you need clean fuel injectors to squirt gas into the combustion chamber.

Exhaust System

A healthy exhaust system does the critical task of safely routing dangerous fumes from your engine to your exhaust system. Symptoms of an exhaust system problem include a gas smell, as well as decreasing acceleration.

Auto Repair in Tampa, FL

When you need auto repair in Tampa, contact Bay Brothers Automotive at (813) 491-7439. At our nearby auto shop, we can expertly complete any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: September 2021

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